The Best Facilities Maintenance Tools For Any Business

As with most modern industries, facilities management has benefited greatly from the evolution and impressive applications of technology. For those responsible for the management of estates and facilities, facility maintenance tools provide a wealth of functionality while offering vital benefits for ensuring compliance, efficient ways of working, cutting costs and increasing convenience (plus many more).

So, what does the term ‘facility maintenance tools’ mean and what can these tools do for your business? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at a few of the most crucial tools for facility managers, what they do and why they are so beneficial.

What are Facilities Maintenance Tools?
While many people would think of the tools in an engineer’s toolkit when facility maintenance is the topic of discussion, the implementation of advanced technology has changed the landscape of pretty much every industry. Today, many of the most crucial facilities maintenance tools are software based, designed to deliver a variety of critical tasks and processes.

A great example is preventative maintenance software, which provides businesses with the platform and capabilities to create a bespoke maintenance plan for their estate and manage the execution of that plan efficiently.

Although we’ll discuss the specifics of these tools below, they all share a common goal — to make the life of facility managers easier by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of maintenance. And, of course, to reap the rewards of the subsequent benefits it provides.

Facilities Maintenance Tools from SFG20
SFG20 provides the industry standard for planned preventative maintenance across a wide range of sectors. Its library of schedules provides clear guidance to users, so they can be assured of complete compliance with UK legislation and regulation. SFG20 also provides specialist tools to map assets and create cost projections to support budget planning and justification. Of course, every organisation is different and has unique needs — which is why our tools can be used individually to achieve specific goals or together for maintenance improvements across the board.

Preventative Maintenance Software
Preventative maintenance software helps you ensure you maintain assets appropriately. This type of software now provides the optimum benchmark for keeping assets in their best condition. It, therefore, allows you to prevent both under and over maintenance. By introducing a more efficient and structured plan, you can optimise resources.

Another crucial benefit is standardising maintenance schedules, checklists and reports to provide a single source of information for all maintenance activities. No matter if maintenance work is carried out in-house or outsourced.

You'll also never have to worry about compliance, as our team of technical experts constantly review all relevant updates to legislation and regulation, then identify the implications for the maintenance of assets and update our library of schedules accordingly. SFG20 cloud-based software provides users with the latest planned preventative maintenance schedules, which tell you exactly which tasks need to be completed, when, and by which skill set, meaning you consistently stay on top of vital tasks, increase asset lifespan and reduce downtime significantly.

Asset Management Software
Our Asset management mapping solution is swiftly becoming a must-have for businesses across a wide range of sectors. Our asset mapping tool allows you to upload, map and model your asset information and link it to the relevant SFG20 maintenance schedule. While this may sound simple, you’d be astounded to learn how much time, money and energy goes into this process — all of which can now be saved and reinvested into other crucial areas of your organisation.

Businesses that do not use asset mapping tools can spend as much as 12 months surveying assets and identifying the relevant planned maintenance schedules. A year is a long time, and the amount of time and resources essentially being wasted can be avoided entirely. With SFG20 Asset Mapping software, you save a great deal of time while preventing unnecessary expenses — using an effective and user-friendly solution.

Being able to automatically generate and identify appropriate maintenance plans is fantastic for your current needs and also to predict and plan for projects in the pipeline. So investing in improved facilities maintenance tools benefits you now and in the future.

Resource Modeller
As any facility manager or business owner knows, there is a constant challenge between carrying out the required maintenance with the budget available. Using SFG20 resource modeller, you can produce indicative costs split by task and criticality, meaning if budgets are squeezed it is easy to identify which tasks must be carried out to comply with law. Once you have specified your precise planned maintenance needs, this tool will also identify your resource requirements. This makes it easy to spot any skill gaps or shortages within your team and allows you to plan accordingly. As you can imagine, this tool and its benefits have made it a must-have for facility management experts.

Now, you can cost up a wide range of maintenance scenarios quickly and easily, ensuring that your organisation's choices help reduce maintenance costs for new buildings and legacy estates.

With this highly efficient and impactful tool, you can create cost scenarios prior to design or construction, which allows for close analysis of your likely maintenance and resource requirements, all of which can be used as a budget planning and justification tool.

Bespoke Sector Solutions
Ok, you caught us! This isn’t technically a ‘tool’, however it’s well worth mentioning as it provides businesses with a toolkit of sorts with the added bonus of bespoke insight and guidance tailored to their industry. Bespoke sector solutions!

With this service, SFG20 will partner with your business to create content tailored to your maintenance needs. Designed explicitly for specialist sectors such as Government, hospitals, railways, prisons, airports and retail — our team of experts support your business by creating cost-effective maintenance regimes for tendering, auditing, and contract management activities.

Some of the services we offer include: asset collection surveys, mapping of assets to SFG20, creation of new schedules etc.

Why Choose SFG20?
Are you in need of a new and improved way to improve facility maintenance? Facilities maintenance tools offer a wide range of benefits and provide the platform and capabilities to suit a vast array of maintenance needs. But why SFG20?

SFG20 is the definitive standard for planned maintenance, with a suite of software tools designed to facilitate businesses' maintenance requirements while helping them stay compliant with constantly changing legislation and regulation. Our cloud-based maintenance software is suited to a wide range of sectors and provides organisations with an industry-standard benchmark to work from. Planned maintenance, cutting costs and increasing efficiency has never been easier!

Improve your business with facilities maintenance tools today! Request a demo or get in touch with our helpful team if you have any questions.