Catch up on webinar 1 in this series: How to balance your maintenance strategy for optimal return

SFG20 have created a series of three webinars on the topic of "How to optimise your maintenance strategy".

View webinar 1 here, where we introduce the pros and cons of adopting the main types of maintenance we see in buildings today. Rather than being used exclusively from each other, these different approaches are often applied simultaneously.​​

During the course of this webinar, we discuss the benefits of adopting a blended approach as a way of optimising your maintenance strategy. Guest speaker, Nick Fox, and Steve Tomkins, give their insights into maintenance management within the industry sector, including Nick's first hand experience in healthcare.

The panel offer useful tips, such as the importance of understanding your assets​ and having dedicated resource to focus on the maintenance management of an asset list. They offer their observations on where businesses are at with adopting different maintenance strategies, and provide their perspective on using a blend of planned preventative maintenance and condition-based maintenance as a pragmatic solution, given current resource challenges and cost constraints in the FM sector.​

Don't miss the next webinars in the series! Joining live provides you with the opportunity to ask questions from our panel of industry experts:

Webinar 2: Focus on risk to optimise your maintenance strategy. Registration is now live:

Webinar 3: How maintenance helps to deliver organisational objectives




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